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Beauty Buff Tanning Brush

Prep and prime for a flawless tan every time

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Get the ultimate streak-free glow with our palm-size kabuki brush! This game-changing brush effortlessly buffs self-tan into your skin, leaving you with a flawless finish every single time. Achieve more definition and a sun-kissed look by contouring your body and face.

This versatile brush is designed to be used with mist, mousse or lotions and is reusable for long-lasting use. Say goodbye to those pesky areas that always grab attention—this brush seamlessly blends tricky spots like hands, elbows, knees, and ankles. Experience the difference and elevate your self-tanning routine.

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No orange tones

We are a plant derived violet based self-tan, no nasty orange tones!


We are certified organic and toxic-free derived from plants and vegetables.

No streaks, stains or smell

No artificial pigments or dyes, we won't stain your sheets, clothes and best of all no tanning scent!

Covers age spots

Evens your skin tone and won't darken your age spots. beautiful coverage every tan.

Global Award-Winning

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